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Atención al cliente

New customer service law

We invite you to request detailed information about our training to prepare your team before the entry into force in January 2024.

The new customer service law in Spain aims to improve consumer protection and guarantee their rights.

This law regulates companies' customer service services, placing limits on the use of answering machines and guaranteeing attention to vulnerable people.

Companies considered "large companies" must adapt to this new regulation.

The law will also be mandatory for all companies that provide basic services of general interest.

The future law will establish the right of consumers to obtain free, effective, accessible, inclusive, non-discriminatory and evaluable care.

In addition, the law contemplates the company's obligation to maintain personalized communication when the consumer makes a query, complaint, claim or incident communication.

How will this Law affect the
online care services?

The new customer service law in Spain will also affect companies that offer online services.

Digital companies must offer customer service 24 hours a day.

Calls must be answered within an average period of three minutes and companies must resolve claims within a maximum period of 15 days.


This means that online businesses will have to adapt to these new regulations to ensure efficient and accessible customer support.

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