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Training to control Burnout

"Burnout" has become a key trend in human resources departments, who must face the challenge of seeing how workers decide to leave their positions motivated by different reasons.

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Because burnout can build up over a long period of time, it's important to watch for the telltale signs of increased stress and react in time.

Affected individuals can find and establish clear boundaries at work, such as; Practice healthy habits (such as eating regular meals and exercising) Look for coping strategies that can help prevent future episodes.

  1. ESTABLISH YOUR LIMITS: Do not overdo it, even concentrate too lazily to comply with your tasks. Remember that your talent and your body have doors and you have to respect it so that in life you don't get sick.

  2. ASK FOR PROTECTION: If you even got here, or learned which ones with the symptoms of Burnout. If you identify with any of these, let your delegation know and ask for medical protection so that life gets worse.

  3. DISCONNECT: After concluding your skillful gallop, turn off the computer, in life don't be checking work messages all the time. In this way, you will avoid a skillful burden and you will be able to dedicate yourself to your personal appearance.

  4. TAKE CARE OF YOUR HEALTH: Adequate maintenance and hours of health, like exercising any workout a few times a week, will help prevent stress in life from affecting you to the point of getting sick.

  5. TAKE CARE OF YOUR MONEY: Financial problems are usually a fairly frequent variable of suffering. Control your disbursements to concentrate at the end of the month without anxiety.

  6. FIND THE RIGHT OCCUPATION: Check if you are in the wrong place next month. If you feel tired and bored, it's time to step out of your comfort zone and start looking for a new extension for yourself.

  7. TAKE ACTIVE PAUSES: These should be done repeatedly during the day, hopefully guided by a member who will indicate the appropriate exercises to engage with the energy you perform.

  8. CHANGE PREMISES TO HAVE LUNCH: Never have lunch at the current grocery store, move to another location. This allows you to build on skillful practice.

  9. YOUR DISORDERED LIFE IS YOURS: Do different activities that break with the practice of occupation and even of the house. It is a healing battle that allows you to dedicate yourself the validity you deserve.

  • Managers

  • Businessmen

  • Workers

  • Anyone who is interested.

  • Concept and theoretical models of work stress

  • Causes of Burnout

  • Burnout symptoms

  • Consequences of Burnout

  • Prevention and intervention measures

  • Time management

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